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All there is to know about Eco BBQ Boats

Our Story

Our Story

After several great holiday trips to Australia we decided to migrate from Germany – the land of bratwurst, beer and wine – to Western Australia – the land of BBQ, sunshine and boats – so for us it was just straight forward to combine all these great things in an eco-business: The idea of Eco BBQ Boats was born.

Adapting the BBQ boat concept that was already well introduced in Germany to the West Australian weather and water conditions was quite a challenge and our passion about making it eco-friendly with electric motors did not make things easier at all.

In the end everything fell into place when we stumbled across the electric outboard motors from Torqeedo, Germany’s world market leader in marine electric propulsion. So now our boats are equipped with Torqeedo motors just like Queen Elizabeth’s royal rowbarge “Gloriana”.

That is why you get that royal feeling while you are cruising our little piece of paradise – Mandurah – with its relaxed holiday atmosphere, the magnificent waterways, the Venetian Canals and of course our dolphins.

Our Team

Team Eco BBQ Boats Ellie

Ellie – The Boss

Ellie is the boss of our little company and she joined our small team in October 2017. As she is extremely qualified in bossing people around she is definitely our first choice for the job. Her focus is Total Quality Management or to put it more simply: The best is just good enough. That is why our customers always get an outstanding experience – Ellie would not accept anything less.

Team Eco BBQ Boats Gerd

Gerd – Operation & Maintenance

As Electronics Engineer and Innovation Engineering Consultant Gerd loves boating and is very passionate about electric boating being the future. With years of experience in electro mobility it was perfectly clear that the BBQ Boats had to be electric boats when he founded Eco BBQ Boats back in 2016.

If Gerd is not busy with the BBQ Boats, he tortures the whole neighbourhood with his saxophone – so better keep him busy.

Nadine Team Eco BBQ Boats

Nadine – Marketing & Sales

Nadine loves Mandruah’s waterways and the Swan River and that is why she is so passionate about showing everyone how beautiful they are. As Multimedia Project Manager and Marketing Manager with many years of experience in Tourism Destination Marketing Nadine manages our marketing activities.

But her boss Ellie always keeps her busy with very important special duties like singing “Five little Ducks” for the 317th time or picking up all the blueberries Ellie has thrown on the floor.

Yadhav Eco BBQ Boats Rental Attendant

Yadhav – Rental Operations & Guide

Yadhav comes from the warm Paradise Island of Mauritius where the sun, blue lagoons, bbq and ice cold Piña colada is the way of living. Being passionate about boating and the outdoors, and having previously worked in the Tourism Sector, Yadhav joined the Eco BBQ Boats team in 2018 to share his experience and making sure that you enjoy your boat ride.

Deanna Eco BBQ Boats Rental Attendant

Deanna – Rental Operations & Guide

Before relocating from Victoria to Western Australia in 2018, Deanna has worked as a Marine Technician at the Royal Australian Navy. So it’s not surprising that she loves working in and around boats. Deanna’s smile is infectious and after having given you a warm welcome, Deanna will make you familiar with the boat operation so you can enjoy your floating BBQ. Or she will join your group as tour guide on our guided and private boat tours.

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