Please read through our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about Eco BBQ Boats.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


What is an Eco BBQ Boat?

An Eco BBQ Boat is an elegant and unique circular electric boat with comfy seats positioned around a round table with a gas BBQ in the middle. You do not need a Skipper’s Ticket or a boating licence to sail it.


How many people can Eco BBQ Boats accommodate?

Two boat sizes are available. The two large boats that can comfortably seat up to 10 adults/kids each and the smaller boats seat up to 6 adults/kids each.


Do the Eco BBQ Boats have a motor?

Yes. The Eco BBQ Boats are propelled by an eco-friendly electric outboard motor which operates nearly noiseless. The motor has 5 forward gears and 2 backwards gears.


How fast can I go with the Eco BBQ Boats?

The boats are built for moderate cruising. So the maximum speed is limited to 5 km/h (3 knots).


Where am I allowed to take the Eco BBQ Boats?

The area of operation in Mandurah includes the Mandurah Ocean Marina. Before boarding you get a map that clearly shows you the boundaries of the operation area. You can drive the Eco BBQ Boats inside this area but please make sure to return them on time.


Is there a toilet onboard?

No, but there are plenty of nearby public toilets within the area of operation and we have marked them in the map of operation you get on the day.


What do I need to bring?

You only need to bring your Esky with your own food & drinks and your favourite music on your smartphone or on a USB thumb drive. There is enough room on the Eco BBQ Boats for your Esky.


What is included in the hire fee?

The fee includes 2 hours of drive time, the BBQ, all safety equipment and life jackets for all passengers. We also provide suitable life jackets for toddlers and kids on request.


Do I get a clean BBQ?

Yes, we change the hot plate and grill plate after the boats have been returned to ensure all following customers will have a clean cooking surface.


Do I need to clean up afterwards?

Boats are expected to be returned in a clean condition. Use the provided rubbish bags to dispose your rubbish. Don’t worry about cleaning the BBQ and the hot plates – we will take care of that for you. Any excessively dirty vessels will incur a cleaning charge of $50 that will be deducted from your bond.


Can I play music from my phone or Ipod?

All Eco BBQ Boats are equipped with a Bluetooth sound system. You can easily connect your own Bluetooth device wirelessly to the sound system. You will find instructions on board.


Can I do swimming, fishing or crabbing from the Eco BBQ Boats?

No. Due to safety and legal requirements swimming, fishing and crabbing from the Eco BBQ Boats are not allowed. If you would like to go fishing, we recommend to hire a boat with Mandurah Boat and Bike Hire or Blue Manna Boat Hire. You could also book a fishing trip with local fishing charters Aqualib Marine Charter or Port Bouvard Fishing Charter.


Can I drink alcohol on Eco BBQ Boats?

Yes. All passengers except the nominated skipper can drink moderately. Being responsible for the safety of all passengers on board the nominated skipper is required to remain sober (blood alcohol level 0.00) at all times and is not allowed to drink alcohol during the hire time.


Can I smoke onboard an Eco BBQ Boat?

No. Smoking or drug use on the boat, the pen and on the whole premises is not allowed at all times. This also applies to the use of electronic cigarettes.


Can I bring my pet onboard the Eco BBQ Boats?

Sorry, no. Due to the jetty licence, safety and government regulations all pets other than hot dogs 😉 are not allowed onboard our Eco BBQ Boats. If you want to take your pet on a boat trip, please enquire at Mandurah Boat and Bike Hire or Blue Manna Boat Hire.


Do I need a skipper’s ticket to hire Eco BBQ Boats?

Our Eco BBQ Boats are very easy to operate even for inexperienced skippers so you do not need a recreational skipper’s ticket (RST). We will show you how to use the boat, the safety equipment and the BBQ on the day.


Who is allowed to operate Eco BBQ Boats?

You have to nominate a skipper with a valid driver’s licence who must be at least 21 years to be allowed to operate the Eco BBQ Boats. Your nominated skipper is required to present the driver’s licence on the day.


Do I have to wear a life jacket on the Eco BBQ Boats?

No. Life jackets for all passengers are stored under the seats. In compliance with the requirements of the Australian Marine Safety Authority only children under 10 years of age and also non-competent swimmers of all ages have to wear a life jacket at all times. We will provide suitable life jackets for toddlers, children and adults.


Are Eco BBQ Boats safe and suitable for kids?

Absolutely yes! And we also provide special life jackets for toddlers and children on request.


How can I book an Eco BBQ Boat?

You can easily book our Eco BBQ Boats online. During the online booking-process you will be required to make the full payment via credit card.


When should I arrive for my booking?

Please arrive on time for your booking. There is no need to come earlier. We will go through the skipper’s and safety briefing with you and you can get familiar with operating the boat before you take off.


Am I required to pay a security bond?

On the day we will ask you to sign a credit card authorisation form for a security bond of $500.00 so please bring the credit card you used for your online booking. If you return the Eco BBQ Boat on time and in the agreed condition, we will not execute the authorisation.


What happens if I return the Eco BBQ Boats too late?

Apart from facing the annoyed next customer, you will be charged $50 per 15 minutes over time which will be taken from your deposit as per our terms and conditions.


What happens if I return the Eco BBQ Boat too early?

Unfortunately, we cannot refund a portion of the hire fee if you decide to come back early.


What happens if the weather conditions are bad on my booked day?

You can simply reschedule date and time within a 3-month-period at no additional charge if your booking has to be cancelled by us due to weather conditions that prevent safe operation on the day. If you decide not to reschedule your booking, we will fully refund your hire fee.


What happens if I make a booking and my plans change?

If you want to cancel your booking, you will be required to give us at least 7-day’s-notice. The hire fee will then be refunded but a $10.00 cancellation fee will occur. If you want to reschedule your booking within a 3-month-period, you will be required to give us at least 3-day’s-notice. Your booking will then be rescheduled at no charge. If you just don’t show up on the day we unfortunately cannot refund the hire fee.